January 15, 2018

4th Annual Project Management Day of Service

The Unviversity of Maryland Project Management Center for Excellence hosted its 4th Annual Project Management Day of Service on January 15,2018.

For the fourth year in a row, CareerCatchers has been among the fortunate recepients of this incredible humanitarian effort. To fully appreciate the power of this incredible occasion, according to the organizers, in 2017 it is estimated that this single day event had accumulated a total of 1,080 volunteer hours of expert services, a value of $140,000 in project management assistance and resulted in a total of $700,000 worth of aids to the local community.

Kunda, Mana and Jane Kerschner, our CareerCatchers’ esteemed board chair attended this full day event and received expert advice from a total of 3 project managers!

So congratulations to CareerCatchers on what a fantastic way to start off the new 2018 year!

Check out these pictures below and click here to see the impact of this momentous day!