You are donating to enable us to continue providing career counseling/vocational services to nearly 400 of Montgomery County’s most vulnerable residents each year. Individuals served include under and unemployed immigrants, victims of domestic violence, and those trying to break the cycle of poverty.

Our goal is to provide the support and services needed to help residents start careers with upward potential that will help them on their journey out of poverty.

We are grateful for any size donation; no amount is too small.

$50.00 supports follow-up with 5 clients who have lost touch with CareerCatchers!
$100.00 supports a client at the start of a new career!
$500.00 supports a client with 5 sessions, the number most people need to get back on their feet!
$1,000.00 supports a client through the process of preparing for, finding, and keeping a job with career potential!

We have a matching grant of $5,000; your donation will be matched up to this amount. Please help us meet this goal.

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