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Hello Friends,The posters for each of your service area presentations are coming out wonderfully!  Thank you for all your input.  I  will be getting all groups updated draft versions soon.  I will be requested your final edits early next week.I am making colored copies of 75 of each of the attached for you to have at your presentation tables.  Please let me know if I am missing anything or if you would like something else printed. 

I do plan to do a “save the date” for each area to cite your anniversaries and fundraisers.  I  have most of the info I need for that handout but again I will send you the draft.


The updated RSVP list is attached and the one I plan to go with for name tags and group assignments.   IF I am missing anyone, please tell me by the end of the day, January 2nd.


I have to report the calendar idea is temporarily on hold……time has gotten too short to do it in the proper way.  We were close and I appreciate all your work to get me materials.   After the meet and greet, let’s chat again on whether a calendar is the best way to go or if we should look at the cookbook idea or something else…………….. I will propose money in my budget to print whatever we decide as a resource and/or promotion of our services and/or nonprofits in general.


Our customer audience and our business partner audience are a bit different and more time is needed to properly integrate our messages and materials to capture both group’s attention in the most productive way.Thank  you all and Happy New Year!Maureen Herndon | Division Manager| Community Services

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