Meet The Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of eight professionals, bringing a broad range of skills and experience to the organization, including legal, research, human resources, accounting, IT, and development. They are committed to expanding Board membership, adding members who have skills, experience and/or community associations that would add to the strength and diversity of the Board.

Sara Mills Mazie

Served as a member of the Federal Government's Senior Executive Service, and as the Research, Education, and Economics Mission Area (REE) in the Department of Agriculture. I believe in the power of CareerCatchers and its individualized program to help low-income and disadvantaged clients along a path to meaningful employment.

Mier Wolf

Former Mayor of the Town of Chevy Chase, served County Sister Cities Program to help create partners in different countries. I joined the board of Career Catchers because I discovered that CC has the unusual mission of not only finding positions for low income people, but guiding them along the way in their professional and educational lives. I've stayed on the board because Mana McNeill, the director, is impressively committed to serving our clients and growing the organization in the process.

Ronnie Haber

Co-Founded CC with Mana McNeill in 2007. Ms.Haber spent more than 12 years with the employment initiative program of the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County (HOC). I joined the CareerCatchers board because I wanted to watch the organization continue to grow after I retired from day-to-day operations. I had worked with Mana for six years turning an idea into a successful non-profit. It was such an amazing experience that I knew I couldn't just walk away. It's been thrilling to see the organization grow in so many ways and to become such a strong partner in Montgomery County.

Melissa Barrington

Former CareerCatchers client. She is now a Senior Consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton

Amy Cooper

Currently working at American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in the Events and Marketing Communications Department.

Donna Boxer

Currently a CPA and Chief Financial Officer at Virginia Railway Express. Previously the Director of Finance for the City of Rockville and the Director of Finance and Budget Officer for the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County. I joined because I wanted to be part of an organization that has developed a career coaching system that has transformed the lives of the people that it serves.

Jane Kerschner

An educator and professional certified coach on the challenges and delights of becoming an elder. Jane studied Wise Aging with the Institute of Jewish Spirituality, Conscious Aging with the Institute of Noetic Sciences. I joined the board because Career Catchers invests the time and care in people to make real and lasting change in their lives. After 10 years of serving citizens of Montgomery County, CC is sharing its winning formula with other agencies in the County and beyond.